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Close helmet

Close helmet


About 1580

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Physical Description

The skull is made in one piece with a deep comb and a narrow flange at the neck. The front edge is borderd by original flush lining rivets. At the right is a sprung stud secured in the closed position by a swivel hook on the skull. Above the neck is a series of round-headed lining rivets. At either side of the skull is pivoted a one piece visor and brow reinforce and the lower bevor. The pivots are in the form of a threaded rosette attached to internal bolts. The pivot at the left is original, the one at the right probably being a replacement.The visor has a prow-shaped lower section, stepped sights at either side and a high integral brow reinforce shaped to the comb, it's pierced with breathes at either side in the form of nine triple holes at the left and eight 'I' shaped slots at the right. It is secured to the bevor by a sprung sliding lug at the lower right which fits into a corresponding 'L' shaped slot in the upper edge. Adjacent to this are a number of 'V' shaped nicks along the lower edge intended for a visor prop formerly fitted to the bevor - a rivet filling the hole. The bevor is shaped to the chin borderd with similar sets of lining rivets and also has a narrow flange at the neck. Both flanges are fitted with numerous pairs of rivets for the articulation of the lost gorget plates by internal rivets. The helmet is decorated with etched bands around the comb and either side of the skull, but around the rear edge and sights only of the visor. Etched decoration incorporating the arms of Galeas St Severin and crude trailing foliage and trophies.


HelmetDepth350 mm
HelmetHeight335 mm
HelmetWeight3640 g


Places Augsburg


Later etching incorporating the arms of Galeas St Severin, Grand Ecuyer of France from 1505 to his death at Pavia in 1525.