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Sword (kaskara)

Sword (kaskara)



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Formerly on loan from Farleigh-Hungerford Castle (loan 22) Taken into guardianship with the castle.

Physical Description

The blade is very long, straight single edged for most of its length and cut with three fullers on each side. At the point it is double edged for about 300 mm. There are no visible marks on the blade but it is probably European. The cross consists of a flat plate, thinning and widening towards each end and pierced in the centre for the tang. The hilt is missing, having been replaced by a roughly shaped piece of wormed wood.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 1120 mm, the width at the forte is 41 mm, the length of the cross is 212mm and it is 58 mm wide at the ends. Weight: The weight of the sword is 1.815 kg.

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Places Sudan