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Bayonet and scabbard

Bayonet and scabbard



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Purchased from the estate of Arthur Richard Dufty (Master of the Armouries 1964 - 1976), April 1995. Previously on loan (AL.1 10).

Physical Description

Ebony grip with steel terminal, the top of which is engraved with a rose. Fluted steel quillons with capstan-shaped terminals each and rectangular bases - resemling an architectural column. The quillon-block has more closely set fluting gathered towards the blade and engraved roped decoration neareat the grip. Double-edged blade of flatened diamond section with a 2.3 cm. (0.9 in.) ricasso. The fish-skin covered wooden scabbard has steel mounts, the locket with'cello-shaped frog stud has engraved decoration including small stylized flowers. The chape is decorated en suite.

Condition on acquisition: Generally good, but scabbard split along one edge.


Dimensions: Knife: Overall length: approx. 10 in. (25 cm.), width across quillons: approx. 3.5 in. (9 cm.), Scabbard: Overall length: approx. 6 in. (15 cm.) Weight: Knife: 8.5 oz. (240 gm.); Scabbard: 2 oz. (60 gm.)


Places Spain


Dated by Claude Blair (in a probate valuation on file) to the early 19th century.