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None recorded in the Typed Inventory. Probably old Tower collection; in the collection by at least 1916.

Physical Description

Cast brass hilt consisting of a cap-pommel; a knuckle-guard, the centre decorated with a quatrefoil and scrolls; rear quillon; and a shell-guard turned towards and lying parallel with the blade, cast in relief with a scene showing a hunter spearing a bear. Stag antler grip and with a simply moulded ferrule towards the blade.

Straight, plain, single-edged blade with the remains of a very narrow fuller by the back, and a false edge for the last 9 in. (230 mm).

Condition: all decoration on the hilt worn, possibly through over-cleaning.


Dimensions: Sword: Overall length: 29.6 in. (752 mm), Blade length: 24.7 in. (627 mm), Sacbbard: Length: 25.5 in. (648 mm) Weight: Sword: 1 lb 3 oz, Scabbard: 0 lb 7 oz


Places Germany

Bibliographic References

Charles ffoulkes, Inventory and Survey of the Armouries of the Tower of London, 2 vols, London, 1916, II, p. 279 - 'late 17th-century'.


A red velvet scabbard with cast brass chape, inventoried with IX.850, was for a while transferred to the present sword but is now again kept and numbered with IX.850. (see Typed Inventory enttries for IX.142 and IX.850).