Object Title

Sword - Rapier

Sword - Rapier



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'Old Tower collection' In Tower Armouries before 1916.

Physical Description

The steel hilt consisting ofsherical pommel with pronounced tang button; knuckle-guard, counter-guards; vertically recurved quillons and a shallow lobed cup-guard. The cup is pierced and chiselled with foliate patterns which incorporate a panel with three human figures (Possibly symbolising' Fortitude', etc.) and a portrait bust, possibly of Charles I, within a medallion, in low relief against a granular gilt ground. The medallion is repeated on the quillon terminals, knuckle-guard and the counter-guards. The original grip is bound with silver wire.

The straight blade is of flattened diamond cross-section, fullered and is engraved at the forte::'S.A.H.A.G.V.M' (Sahagum)




OverallLength1080 mm
OverallWeight737 g
BladeLength910 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Place made
'S.A.H.A.G.V.M' (Sahagum)
In fuller of blade, at forte

Bibliographic References

Royal Armouries, Civil War: a Royal Armouries exhibition sponsored by the Times, Royal Armouries, London, 1992, p. 21, left col. illus, left; p. 32, no. 50 - 'English, mid-17th century'