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Mail and plate coat (zirih baktar)

Mail and plate coat (zirih baktar)

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Purchased from Robert Hales Antiques, 1999, no.37. Originally from the Bikaner armoury, Rajasthan.

Physical Description

Comprises a long skirted coat opening down the front. There is a single large plate on each side in front, each fitted with three fastenings in the form of rods ending in discs cut to ressemble flowers. There are inscriptions on both the inside and outside of the right plate and on the outside of the left plate. At the sides are narrow plates shaped at the top to the arm, whilst at the back are three columns of small plates, some having scalloped edges. The sleeves are long and have the cuff cut off at an angle to cover the back of the hand. The mail of the skirts is of a different size to that elsewhere.


Dimensions: The length of the coat from collar to hem is 890 mm, from cuff to cuff is 1860 mm, the waist is 450 mm and the chest is 580 mm. The punched links on the chest are 10.8 mm by 2.4 mm, the riveted links being 10.5 mm by 2.2 mm. The punched links in the skirt are 8.9 mm by 1.08 mm and the riveted links 9 mm by 0.8 mm. Weight: The weight of the coat is 10.65 kg.


Places India


The two sizes and qualities of mail suggest that this was originally a short long sleeved jacket that has had the skirts added at a later date.