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Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Rook and Rabbit rifle

Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Rook and Rabbit rifle



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Transferred via Amnesty 1946 from COD Weedon. (Weedon being the central collection point for all Police forces), List no. 543.

Physical Description

Barlock with sliding safety bolt in rear of cock. The plate engraved with scroll in panels, and C. INGRAM ahead of cock. Rounded cock of sporting-gun type with well curved spur, the scroll engraving being different in style from that on the rest of the gun suggesting that it was fitted from stock in hand at the time of conversion.
Half-length stock with black horn foe-end cap. Chequered fore-end and full pistol grip, the grip having an engraved iron cap. Iron buttplate with three-step tang. Shield shaped silver escutcheon inlaid at top of small. The barrel retained by one slide with oval engraved iron escutcheons. Iron ramrod. Very highly polished stock. Single set trigger. All blued iron mounts fully scroll engraved.
The barrel is full-length octagonal but mounted with one angle on top, a speciality of Charles Ingram and found almost exclusively on his rifles. Presumably the object was to eliminate as far as possible the effects of glare on the top flat of a barrel. Engraved on the two flats uppermost at the breech CHARLES INGRAM, GLASGOW. CAST STEEL RIFLE. Ingram is listed as a ' Cast steel rifle barrel maker' as early as 1855, and made much of this commodity in his match rifles during the late 1860's and early 1870's during which time he was a successful shot at Wimbledon and various Scottish matches. The placement of one angle uppermost is carried through to the upper surface of the standing breech and has been adapted in the formation of the Snider action when this was fitted.
The foresight is a German silver blade dovetailed into the muzzle parallel with the bore. The block backsight has two leaves hinged forward and is dovetailed into the barrel


BarrelLength29.06 inches
BarrelLength738 mm
OverallLength1209 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.36 in

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This rifle is essentially unaltered from its original condition as a muzzle-loader with the exception of the barrel being cut off to allow the fitting of the Snider action. It is possible that a new cock has been fitted at the time of conversion, but aside from these points no changes have been made.