Object Title

Pikeman's tasset

Pikeman's tasset



Object Number

III.4609 B

Physical Description

For the right thigh. It is large and deep, of trapezoidal form, made in one piece and embossed to simulate six lames. The main edges have plain inward turns, with recessed borders containing nineteen roundheaded rivets. The tasset is decorated with three columns of eight roundheaded rivets each simulating articulating rivets. Each column comprises a rivet at the upper edge of each embossed lame, excepting the lowest 'lame' which shows three rivets arranged in a triangular shape. None of these forty-three rivets have internal washers.
At either side of the centre of the upper edge is a hinged rectangular hasp for attachment to the breastplate secured by five rivets. Each hasp terminates in an ogee extending to the third simulated lame. The rectangular 'body' of the lower part of the outer hasp is decorated with one cusp at each corner, the four rivets are arranged in two pairs horizontally alligned on the 'body', the fifth being placed in the centre of the ogee. The square upper section of the hasp is pierced with a rectangular slot which fits over the pierced stud on the breastplate. The stud would then have been secured by a swivel hook which is riveted to a small appendage high on the outer side of the upper part of the hasp.
The inner hasp is similar but of much cruder form with a smaller ogee, missing the upper cusps and having a pair of rivets placed in the centre of the rectangular 'body' and the remaining three rivets on the ogee.
The tasset is bright.


Dimensions: width: 37.0 cm (14.5 in), heigth: 32.2 cm (12.7 in) Weight: 1.009 kg (2 lbs 3.1/4 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

At its outer edge between the lower rivets in the recessed band there are two vertically alligned sets of seven dots as an assembly mark. This assembly mark can be found on the tasset (III 4609B) and the breastplate (III 4609A)


Places England