Object Title

Fuze plug

Fuze plug



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Found under gallery floorboards, 6 March 2002

Physical Description

Brass and leather fuze plug, flat, circular top with circle cut to depth of 15 mm, 31 mm diameter. Transverse notch cut to 2 mm depth and 3 mm width for use with a key to tighten and loosen. Bottom part is threaded to a depth of 10 mm then 3 mm of leather ring and 8 mm thickness of top surface. Designed for insertion into top of shell to protect shell thread and internal contents whilst shell is in transit or in store.


Dimensions: 60 mm radius, 21 mm height Weight: 305 g

Inscriptions and Marks

small triangle with indetermined figure 'P.II/N' 'war department broad arrow' 'No II JHR' Base has a small white painted rectangle with '1984' written on in biro.


Places Britain