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The Royal Armouries has several other examples from the same set. Those so far noted (at July 2002) are: IX.610, IX.3864 (scabbard only), IX.7210 (associated scabbard), IX.7211 (fragment of associated scabbard), IX.7212, IX.7214-7215 (with scabbards), IX.7216 (with scabbard - probably associated), IX.7217-7222 (without scabbards): total - 15, plus two or three more disposed of - see below). While some more may remain to be identified among material out on long term loan this is farily unlikely as, according to correspondence from Charles ffoulkes of 1917 (copy on inv. file) there were then in the collection 'about 14' of which 12 were loaned to the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry in the same year, and were presumably subsequently returned.
Another, IX.533 was, according to the Typed Inventory and I.1528 ('Catalogue of additions to the Armouries after the year 1916'), disposed of to the Imperial War Museum on 11 January 1927 (there is no information on marks etc.) but, since this type of sword would now fall outside the IWM's remit, it may subsequently have been transferred back to the Armouries (in which case it may by now have been given another inventory number) or transferred to the National Army Museum (PJL, 15/11/01, amended 13/09/02).
Two (with scabbards but not necessarily of the right pattern) were disposed of and sold at Christie's (London), 17 October 1973, lot 27.
There are at least two patterns of blade, pipe-backed (e.g. IX.384) and flat, triangular section (e.g. IX.610) and these need to be sorted out and listed. (Cursory glance 18/07/02 suggests all except IX.384 are flat, triangular section.)
Most if not all the blades are marked 'Hebbert & Co, London'. May and Annis (II, p. 284) give this form of the name and address from 1850 to 1912. (the VTR consistently gives the name as Hebbet - needs CHECKING).
Swords and scabbards all appear to have been marked OM [for Oxford Militia] with a number and also OWTA. Scabbards have been muddled and not all those now on the swords belong. At least one scabbard marked OM (IX.7201) is now wrongly associated with another pattern of band sword (others to be searched for). The following is a list of swords and scabbards in OM number order as noted at July 2002 from information taken from the typed inventory (numbering checked against all those in store at July 2002, except IX.7201) (PJL). (IBE) and the Brick Tower lists (VTR/BT/Swds).
1 - IX.7220 (sword)
2 - IX.7211 (sword); IX.7201 (scabbard)
3 - IX.7218 (sword)
4 - IX.7216 (sword)
5 - IX.7214 (sword); IX.3864 (scabbard)
7 - IX.7212 (sword)
9 - IX.384 (sword)
10 - IX.7217 (sword); IX.7215 (scabbard)
11 - IX.7219 (sword)
12 - IX.7222 (sword)
13 - IX.7215 (sword)
15 - IX.7212 (scabbard)
17 - IX.610 (sword)
18 - IX.7221 (sword)
19 - IX.7210 (sword)