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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1927. From Rhodes, acquired by J Lefroy, 1867

Physical Description

The main plate is roughly hexagonal, the side edges curving down from low at either arm to a narrow section at lower centre. The cut-out for the neck is broad and shallow, with an angular, outwardly turned edge. The arm and waist edges have narrow, boxed, outward turns. At either shoulder is a flat, external-headed rivet for the attachment of the shoulder strap. The heads are decorated with stamped rosettes.

Attached by three rivets of the same type to either side edge is a side-plate, rounded to the body, with similarly turned edges at the arms and waist as those of the mainplate. At either side, near the waist, is a rivet for the attachment of a waist strap. The rivet at the left has a domed copper head.


Dimensions: height 354 mm, width 340 mm, depth 135 mm Weight: 1020 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the left shoulder is a Rotunda number, MA 2315.


Bibliographic References

Official Catalogue of the Museum of Artillery in the Rotunda, London, 1874: 140, no. 2315 (altered in MS to 2312)

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Backplates of the same type from Rhodes include III.1096: John's Gate Museum no.2631; Metropolitian Museum 29.150.76; and another, illustrated as part of V Bachereau's stock (armouries neg. no.A3/1990-3).