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Tower Arsenal.

Physical Description

(no inventory entry) The skull and peak are made as one in two pieces joined in a low comb turned to the left with a plume holder at the rearheld on with two rivets. The comb terminates at the front edge of the skull and within the plume holder at the rear. The edge of the peak and the edge of the skull as far back as the attachment of the neckguard have an inward turn. The wire around which the turn was made can be seen at the front of the peak. A small trough is embossed into the border of the peak in which there were nine rivets of which seven remain. The peak has a rectangular hole across the join of the two pieces for a nasal bar (missing) above which there is a wing nut screw clamp riveted to the skull across the comb which tightens onto the comb. These rivets have square washers to double as linning attachments. Four other rivets for attacment of a lining in the brow are flushed to the outside. Four rivets are placed so as to be suitable for the attachment of cheek pieces (missing) and lining which have square washers. A final two square washered rivets double as attacments for the neckguard.
The neckguard flares to the neck and has a medial point. It is embossed to simulate four lames with a bordering trough. The main edge is inwardly turned and bordered with eleven lining rivets with square washers and the two rivets connecting the neckguard to the skull. There were eighteen flushed rivets on the simulated lames of which seventeen remain. The border of the neckguard has been crudely pierced with a square punch for mounting.
The pot is painted black with some chipping but appears in good condition. The point of the neckguard appears to have been bent some time since painting.


Dimensions: skull height 160 mm, skull width 210 mm, skull depth 240 mm, overall depth 425 mm Weight: 1.51 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

There is what might be a crowned A stamped into the peak to the left of the nasal hole.


Places Netherlands