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Flintlock muzzle-loading musket - New Land Pattern

Flintlock muzzle-loading musket - New Land Pattern


about 1817

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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

This is in all respects a standard New Land Pattern musket, the only alterations being in the head of the cock itself, and in the fitting of a guard by screwing through the tail of the lockplate. This musket is one of those made subsequent to July, 1815, s it has a browned barrel. The cock has been altered from the throat upwards, the ring-neck being removed in the process. The comb has been made into a vertical shaft threaded at the top and fitted with a wing-nut. On this shaft is fitted a cylindrical centre-post with a lower jaw on each side and the lower edge cut as a V to fit into a cut similarly formed in the throat of the cock. A separate cork screw and top jaw are fitted on each lower jaw, although one set of these is missing on this example (see XII.688). A spoon-shaped guard to prevent the hand’s being cut by the rear-positioned flint has been fitted by screwing into the tail of the plate and is fixed to prevent the rear flint touching the hand when the cock is drawn fully back for firing.


BarrelLength42.12 in.
BarrelLength1070 mm
OverallLength58 in.
OverallLength1470 mm
OverallWeight4.7 kg
OverallWeight10.7 lb


Serial Number None Visible


0.75 in

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