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Leather breastplate

Leather breastplate



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Found in Middle Flint Tower, 1987.

Physical Description

Made from one piece of heavy hide, shaped high at the back, dipping under the arms and then fastening down the front. The lower edge is higer at the back and dipping down to the front. Pierced through the upper back edge are two diagonal holes, between which are a further three holes through the thickness of the material. On the left side at the back is an applied loop and four additional holes that may have been originally for a wider loop. On front the fastenings consist of two rectangular slots, top and bottom, the upper of which repains a horn peg drilled for a pin. At the bottom is an additional pair of holes.


Dimensions: The length of the back of the cuirass is 383 mm, the length of the front is 360 mm. Weight: The weight of the cuirass is 2.55 kg.

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