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Lower cannon of a vambrace

Lower cannon of a vambrace



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Purchased from Milan Armouries, Colchester

Physical Description

For the left arm, it is almost tubular in form, slightly tapering towards the wrist and cut away at the inside of the elbow. The lower cannon is composed of an outer and an inner plate, the former overlapping the latter. They were formerly joined by a pair of external hinges at the rear. These hinges have been replaced by a pair of internal strips of metal.
The lower strip has been attached by a pair of rivets. These rivets are closer to the inner subsidiary edges as well as to the lower main edge than the rivets of the upper strip. The upper strip has been attached by two rivets onto the inner plate and by a single rivet to the outer plate. The 'middle' rivet has been secured by a large circular washer, but the inner subsidiary edge has nevertheless been damaged.
At the front both plates are fastened on the inner side edges with a single centrally alligned sprung stud. This stud being on the inner plate fits into the hole in the outer plate.
The main edges, all bordered by a recessed band, are turned inward over wire and are file-roped with a crude 'crushed' effect. The upper outer edge of the lower canon is plain. The part of this upper outer edge belonging to the inner plate is heavily damaged, a part of about two square-cm is missing. On the outer plate towards the middle a new hole has been drilled into the recessed band.
At either side of the plain edge of the outer plate is an externally flush rivet which would have held the leatherstraps for the attachment of the couter. The rivet at the back of the lower canon is original and of mushroom shape. The strap from the couter would have had a button hole and would thus being held by the rivet. The other rivet at the border between main and subsidiary edge is a crude modern replacement.


Dimensions: Upper Width: 12.0 cm (4.6 in), Lower Width: 8.8 cm (3.5 in), Length: 23.0 cm (9.0 in) Weight: 0.400 kg (14 oz)

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Places Flanders