Object Title

Flintlock muzzle-loading pocket pistol - By Durs Egg

Flintlock muzzle-loading pocket pistol - By Durs Egg


about 1800

Object Number



Formerly AL 72 9. Purchased on 6th July, 1995

Physical Description

Small iron action body integral with the barrel. Ring-necked cock, with sliding safety bolt at rear which also locks the frizzen closed in the manner typical of pistols of this type. Small iron triggerguard engraved with trophy motif. Both sides of the action are inlaid with gold trophy panels, now much rubbed and the engraving almost lost. Very small flattened curved wooden butt, chequered on both faces. Tapered round section barrel. The top surface is inlaid in gold with the Prince of Wales' feathers, the underside is fitted with a rib with two iron pipes for a small bone-tipped wooden rammer. The muzzle is decorated with a band of simple engraved 'wheat-ear ' motifs. The bore is rifled with twenty narrow grooves with a sharp right-hand twist.





BarrelLength2.7 in.
BarrelLength68 mm
OverallLength6 in.
OverallLength152 mm
OverallWeight0.202 kg
OverallWeight7.25 oz.


Serial Number None visible


.410 in (68 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

Proof (London)
Crown over GP
Right-side barrel
View mark
Crown over V
Right-side barrel
Production place


An X-ray examination of this item was carried out by NDT Sheffield on 30th September 1997. It was revealed that the barrel screws on to a short threaded boss projecting immediately from the front face of the action body, unlike the majority of guns of this type which have a much more pronounced forward extension to the action body and which contains the chamber as well as carrying the pan and frizzen assembly.Furthermore, the forward step on the cock, which rests upon the top plate of the action when in the fired position, contains the stub of a screw. Whilst it could conceivably have served to provide a means of adjusting the fall of the cock, there is no visible vestige of a slot by means of which such adjustment could be made and it would be expected that a screw of these proportions in this position would create a serious weakness. Its purpose therefore remains a mystery.