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Toy musket

Toy musket



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Uncertain, possibly a Thames foreshore find.

Physical Description

A one-piece copper alloy casting. The barrel swells slightly towards the muzzle and is of octagonal section. Incised lines are filed around the muzzle and over the top three facets of the barrel. Along each of these facets are wavy lines of closely punched dots. The pan is a cup-shaped depression on the right of the breech. Ahead of the pan is an irregular regtangular shallow lump of the type usually found on toy muskets of this design, but of unknown purpose. The long rectangular triggerguard is bent inwards towards the stock. On both sides of the butt, between the breech and the sole of the butt itself, are four incised circles, each with a central dot. There are traces of a screw thread in the muzzle, almost certainly for a copper alloy ramrod, now missing


OverallLength136 mm
BarrelLength95 mm


Places England