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Tower arsenal. Middle Flint Tower, 1987.

Physical Description

It has a raised neck, a medial ridge and a narrow flange at the waist. At either arm is a mushroom-headed stud for the shoulder straps. The neck and arm edges have plain inward turns. Four pairs of double incised lines run down the centre, and there are two curving sprays of pairs of double incised lines running up from the flange to the arms. At the right of centre of the flange is a little cusp in the edge with a crack running up from it, probably a manufacturing flaw. The exterior is black from the hammer and quite coarsely planished, the crests burnished almost bright. At either side of the neck is a drilled suspension hole.


Dimensions: height 400 mm, width 335 mm Weight: 2700 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the neck with the maker's mark SS (one at either side of the central incised band) , with the helmeted A mark used by the Armourers' Company during the Commonwealth period, and the cross of St George within a shield, used as a government ownership mark during the same period.


Places England