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Left tasset

Left tasset



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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1958.

Physical Description

Extension plates for prolonging tassets of normal length into a long pair for dismounted use. It is composed of four upward-overlapping lames shaped to the left lower thigh. It was originally attached to an upper tasset with a swivel hook engaging in a keyhole slot pierced to either side of the top lame of this lower tasset.Later,(probably in 1815 for attachment to II.135) it was pierced with an horizontal slot at the centre and outer side of the top lame. The lames are connected on the outer side by a column of sliding rivets on the outer side and by a column of missing internal leathers at the centre and on the inner side retained by flush rivets. The inner column is now riveted solidly with modern rivets which pass through the rivet-holes of the decorative dummy rivets. The strap-end of the missing leathers were secured by a round-headed rivet with a round internal washer. The lower main edge of the tasset has an inward file-roped turn, while the side-edges have partial file-roped turns. All are bordered by a recessed border in which are lining-rivets (seven round-headed in the lower border and a flush rivet on the first, third and fourth border at each side. The lining rivets have round internal washers retaining fragments of the original lining band. The decoration. The decoration comprises alternating vertical bands that are etched,gilt and blued, each bordered by a narrow gilt band and separated by a narrow blued band. The bluing has oxidised to a brown colour and can be discerned where the lames overlap. The predominent decorative element appears to be a gilt 'S'band on a blued ground alternating with an etched and gilt rinceaux band. From the inner to the outer side, the bands of decoration are as follows. The first band is etched with asymmetrical scrolling foliage on a plain ground and gilt overall. The second band is blued and embossed with a sunken 'S' on the first, third and fourth lames. Each 'S' is gilt, bordered by crocheting and terminates in a sunken leaf formed of three petals that shows no sign of gilding. The third band is similar to the first except that the ornament is composed of interlacing ribbons with foliate terminals which is symmetrical about the central axis. The fourth band is the same as the second. The fifth band is the same as the first. The sixth band is the same as the second. The seventh band is the same as the third. The recessed border of the bottom main plate has simple scrolling foliage on a plain ground that is gilt, while the recessed borders of the sides edges are simply gilt. Damage. The bottom lame is pierced with four holes. The top lame has a later peined over rivet towards the inner upper side.


Dimensions: max height: 21cm, max width: 22 cm, max depth: 10cm Weight: 570g ( 0 lb 13 oz)

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none visible


Places France

Bibliographic References

Official Catalogue of the Museum of Artillery in the Rotunda, Woolwich, London, 1889, p. 149, no. 16/296


Pair to III.1146. Formerly displayed on II.135. These tassets belong to an armour garniture no. G.11 in the Musée de l'Armée Paris.