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Tower arsenal. Accesssioned from Middle Flint Tower (1987).

Physical Description

It has a low neck, a medial ridge ending in a point at the waist, which has a medium flange. The neck and arm edges have outward turns with traces of roping. The neck is bordered by single incised lines which join in a point and run down at either side of the ridge, while other flare up to the arms from the centre of the waist. At either shoulder is a rivet hole and a large flush rivet for the shoulder straps. At the centre is a deep proof-mark. The exterior is bright. At the left side is a modern suspension bracket, and there is a rivet for the pair at the right. This may be of duplex construction or may be formed of thick layered metal which is laminating. Mean microhardness outer 165 Hv, inner 142 Hv.


Dimensions: height 4095 mm, width 320 mm Weight: 6915 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Inside the neck is a construction mark, III.


Places Netherlands