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Right gauntlet

Right gauntlet



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Old Tower collection. Probably transferred from the Palace at Greenwich about 1649. Accessioned from Middle Flint Tower 1987.

Physical Description

Formed of a slightly flared and pointed cuff terminating on the inside of the wrist in three plates shaped to the base of the thumb, and on the outside, in five metacarpal plates linked by a knuckle-defence of two plates to four sets of finger scales. The edge of the cuff is decorated with a plain turn accompanied by a recessed border. The edges of the plates decorated with double incised lines.


Dimensions: length 300 mm, cuff width 150 mm Weight: 945 g

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Bibliographic References

C.J. ffoulkes, Inventory and survey of the Armouries of the Tower of London, London, 1916, pp.122-3


Formerly shown on II.80 (C.J. ffoulkes, 'Inventory and Survey of the Armouries of the Tower of London', London, 1916 pp.122-3) and on II.73 (C.R. Beard, 'The Connoisseur', May, 1925). Painted inside is an illegible number, suggesting it was probably part of one of this series of Greenwich half armours.