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Pauldron and vambrace

Pauldron and vambrace



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Purchased from the Mann collection 1981. Formerly Al.23 25. From the Pembroke armoury at Wilton House, sold Sotheby's 14 June 1923 lot 8, bought by Fenton for Mann.

Physical Description

For the left arm, from a demilance armour. The pauldron has a large central plate with two narrow lames above, overlapping upwards and articulated on rivets at either side, and three lames below overlapping downwards, and articulated by sliding rivets at the rear and internal leathers at the front and centre. The upper lame has an original plain iron buckle for attachment to the gorget. The upper cannon is short and tubular, with a riveted seam at the rear, and a turner at the top, to which the pauldron is riveted. The upper cannon is articulated by two lames to the couter which was of bracelet type but has lost its inside and rear parts. Its wing is large and heart-shaped, and has a chisel roped ridge extending round the rear. The couter is articulated by two lames to the lower cannon which is slighhtly tulip shaped and made of two plates joined by two hinges at the rear and by a pin catch at the front. The main edges all have chisel roped inward turns with broad recessed borders. The subsidiary edges are bordered by single incised lines. The exterior was rough and black from the hammer, but has been polished.


Dimensions: length 615 mm, depth of pauldron 303 mm Weight: 4 lb 3 oz

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Places Flanders


See III.1710.