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Handgun - The Danzig handgun

Handgun - The Danzig handgun



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Purcased from a private seller thorugh Chrsitie's, London, Lot 159 on 30th September 2014

Physical Description

Anthropomorphic theme; three bearded faces around the socket, and a clean shaven face whose open mouth surrounds the touch-hole. The gun is cast in one 183mm long piece, with a short conoidal socket with nail holes for attachment of a haft/tiller, making it of pistol size and proportions. The octagonal barrel is in four stages. It has a proportionately long chamber 50mm long and 10mm wide, slightly narrower in diameter than the 12mm diameter bore section. The vent is 4mm wide, with a surface touch-hole diameter of 6mm (the usual pseudo-pan).

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Hundred Years War


BoreDiameter12 mm