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Sword - Basket-hilted sword

Sword - Basket-hilted sword

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Physical Description

The blade is inlaid in copper with the name of the sword-smith, Peter Wirsberg, one of the Weyersberg dynasty of makers of Nuremburg and Solingen.
The hilt of the sword comprises a basket-hill constructed of light round bars, with a single screw attaching the knuckle-guard to the pommel.
The blade is straight single-edged ('back') and has two fullers on each face. Within one of the fullers, inlaid in copper letters, is the name of the blade-maker, 'PETER WIRSBERG ME FECIT SOLIGEN'. Along with a small orb and sceptre amrk, which is also inlaid in copper. This seems to indicate the blase was manufactured by one of the Wirsberg, or more often spelt as 'Weyersberg' family.