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6 pr gun and carriage - Waterloo Battery

6 pr gun and carriage - Waterloo Battery



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Captured at Waterloo together with Nos. XIX.63-66, 68-69, 70, 74-75, 157.

Physical Description

The piece, an example of the French 'System An XI', has no mouldings excepting a muzzle astragal. The trunnions have shoulders and the dolphins are of plain oblong form. The chase bears the name of the gun, L'ETONNANT, engraved on a scroll and the crowned cypher of Napoleon I surrounded by an oak and laurel wreath appears on the breech. The base ring is inscribed L.E.MARITZ LA HAYE 1813. The cascabel has never been fitted with a rear sight. The left trunnion is marked with both the serial number 52 and the weight 379k.
L Carriage: A replica of a Gribeauval field carriage constructed at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, in 1950


Dimensions: Length 66 in (167.6 cm), Overall length: 71 in (180.3 cm) Weight: 7cwt 1qtr 24lb (379kg)


Serial Number 52


3.75 in (9.5 cm)


Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976, p.54.


Eight of the Waterloo 6pdr guns were used as a supporting column to a massive trophy of Arms which decorated the staircase of the Grand Storehouse and was erected to commemorate the visit of William IV on 5 August 1830. The guns survived the 1841 fire and were then exhibited in the annexe (demolished 1883) built on the east side of the White Tower. They were later mounted on carriages for display on Tower Wharf.
The 'System An XI' 1802-3, never in fact adopted entirely, substituted a 6pdr field piece, of which Nos 67-69, 157, 63-66, 70 are examples, for the 4pdrs and 8pdrs of the 'System Gribeauval' (cf.No.54). The founder, Louis Ernest Maritz was 'Commissaire des Fontes' of the gun foundry at The Hague jointly with his brother Jean George.
Important family of gunfounders of Swiss origin Jean Maritz being the first, established at Berthoud (Bergdorf), Canton Bern by the 16th century.
'Louis Ernest Maritz': The Hague; 1774-1851.
Elder son of Jean III, great nephew of Jean Maritz I in partnership with his brother, Jean George, succeeded his father as joint director of the Hague foundry. Louis married in Holland and founded the Dutch branch of the Maritz family. Cf. 'Gun Founding & Gunfounders' a directory of Cannon Founders from Earliest Times to 1850; A.N. Kennard, p.107-109.
AR.2/1 (Official Correspondence)
Re-arrangement of Guns in the Vaults and Wharf October
25 October 1930.

Arrival of Rotunda guns gave rise to rearrangement of the guns in the WT Basement – certain “duplicate foreign guns and guns of little decorative or historic interest could be removed to Wharf” to make way for them. Moves to be completed before Christmas holidays to avoid causing congestion in the Basement at that period and suggested by ffoulkes.
XIX. 67, 69 & 70 listed.
No mention of rest of present Waterloo Battery (2015) ie XIX. 63, 65 & 66.