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about 1620

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Anon. sale (Sothebys) 13/12/1941, lot 95. From the collection of Dr. Richard Williams, 1974.

Physical Description

It consists of two parts with a well-developed neck flange turned and file roped at the edge. The front plate terminates in a blunt point with a cusp at each side; the back being slightly rounded and also cusped. The outer edges are raised and flanged, and punched with a pattern of dots and flowers built up with a small ring punch. The main decoration consists of engraved radiating bands with narrow cabled borders against which are punched a repeat pattern of small rings resembling lace. The whole was originally gilt. Some original lining strap of webbing survives, held by the small brass rivets at the borders.

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Places France


A similar gorget, probably from the same workshop forms part of an armour made for Louis XIII in the Musee de l'Armee, Paris. No. G.124.