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Presented by F H Cripps-Day. From Rhodes, probably ex-Bachereau.

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Of high form, composite, of three plates. The main plate is almost semi-circular in shape, with a full, rounded chin, and a slight medial ridge on the upper half. The straight, upper edge has been cut down, with a row of flush lining rivets below, reaching the obliquely angled side edges. At either side a restored leather strap with an old, trapezoidal buckle is attached by a rivet. At upper lame is attached by a rivet at either side of the upper edge. At the lower edge is a narrow, curved flange, pierced for the rivets of internal leathers at either side, and for the rivets by which the associated gorget plate is articulated, at either terminal. At the right of the chin is a modern spring-catch, operating through a possibly modern hole. The gorget plate is deep and pointed, with a slight medial ridge. The main edge is hollow-flanged. It is pierced at the lower point with two misaligned holes for arming points. It is articulated at either side of the upper rear to the main plate. At the lower edge at the right rear is another rivet; that at the left is lost.

The upper lame is roughly semi-circular, with a medial ridge. The upper edge is outwardly flanged. The straight lower edge is trimmed, and at either end is a rivet by which the lame is attached to the main plate. The main plate is almost semi-circular in shape, with a full All the rivets and their washers are modern. There are welded repairs at the main edge of the upper lame, the flange of the main plate, and both terminals and medial point of the lower lame.


Dimensions: height 250 mm, width 152 mm, depth 235 mm Weight: 565 g

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Bibliographic References

W J Karcheski Jr and T Richardson, The medieval armour from Rhodes, Leeds, Royal Armouries 2000: no. 3.25


This bevor was assembled from isolated lames from Rhodes. It is generally comparable with the rest of the group, including Museum of the Order of St John, Nos. 2638, 2641,2642,2644, 2645; ex-Mann collection ( christies, 7 May 1981, lots 68,70); Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1977, 167.181 (ex-Kienbusch collection). The main plate is similar to Higgins No.2606 ( S.V. Grancay, Catalog of Armor, the John Woodman Higgins Armory, Worcester Mass., 1961, p.35) and that of a sallet Musée de l'Armée GPo 714 (ex-Pauilhac collection).

Originally mounted on Gothic armour including sallet II.3- possibly from Oxenham's Lot 250 21st July 1842 (C-D pl.iii) but looks dissimmilar.