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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Middle Flint Tower 1987.

Physical Description

It is heavy, with a low neck and a flange at the waist. The main edges have plain inward turns over wire bordered by double incised lines and round headed lining rivets with circular washers, retaining a fragment of canvas lining band on the flange. There are several flush iron lining rivets intermixed, presumably working life replacements. Triple incised lines run down the centre, and double incised lines run from the arms to the centre. At either side of the waist is a pair of holes for the waist straps, and at either shoulder two vacant holes for the shoulder straps. Low at the centre are two shallow proof marks. It is of duplex construction. Additional rivet holes at the sides are only on the outer breastplate. There are small patches of roping on the main edges, suggesting that this might have been an earlier backplate modified in the 17th century. The exterior is bright. There are small areas of damage to the right arm edge.


Dimensions: height 405 mm, width 350 mm Weight: 4333 g

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Places Netherlands


Possibly the backplate for the breastplate III.3419.