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Flintlock muzzle-loading military carbine - Eliott Light Dragoon Carbine

Flintlock muzzle-loading military carbine - Eliott Light Dragoon Carbine



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Physical Description

The lock is of the standard Ordance Pattern for the period, except that a dog catch has been fitted to the plate behind the cock, which engages in a cut in the edge of the cock. The edges of the lock plate, cock, top jaw and back of steel have double border lines engraved. Across the tail of the plate is GRICE over 1764, and ahead of the cock the crowned GR and smaller crowned broad arrow.

Stocked to the muzzle, the barrel retained by three pins. Brass furniture throughout of a design distinctive of the first Elliot Model Carbine. The stock tip is finished by a single rounded swell, and there are three ramrod pipes, the upper pipe being a composite to create a long trumpet pipe. The centre pipe is barrel-shaped with collars and the tail-pip of standard Land Pattern. The trigger guard has a lump cast into it near the rear of the rear finial which is pierced for a screw to take a single loop, and the finials are very plain. The buttplate has a short tapered tang with slight two steps. There is no escutheon. Handrail butt pattern. The sideplate is of the type better known on the Baker Rifle and the Pattern 1796 carbine. The stock has the typical raised carving round the barrel tang. The right butt has the government store stamp of Crowned adorned GR on the right side. The six inch long sidebar on the left side is missing, as is the wooden ramrod.

The barrel is slightly swamped towards the muzzle and is thick-walled. The breech has the typical baluster-turning. The breech and tang have a shallow groove which acts as backsight and the foresight is a steel blade let directly into the barrel 1 ¾ inches from the muzzle. The government proof marks are stamped on the upper left breech and alongside is a crowned TI.


OverallLength1102 mm
OverallWeight2.76 kg
BarrelLength723 mm


Serial Number None visible

Inscriptions and Marks

crowned GR
right butt
Marklock, ahead of cock
Maker's marktail plate
Markupper left breech
Proof Markupper left breech


Places England