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9 pr gun - Blomefield Pattern

9 pr gun - Blomefield Pattern



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Physical Description

Cast-iron smooth-bore 9 pounder of the Blomefield design. The cascable button has a ring for the breech rope and there are no cascable mouldings. The first reinforce comprises a plain base ring and ogee. The vent field comprises vent and vent patch. The first reinforce or vent filed astragal has a fillet on either side and the end of the first reinforce is marked by a plain first reinforce ring. The second reinforce comprises the trunnions and the monogram of George III (1760-1820) on the barrel and a plain second reinforce ring but the accompnaying ogee contains a square patch on top of the barrel. The chace is unmarked and there is a muzzle astragal with two fillets either side. The muzzle is slightly bell-shaped with mouldings


Dimensions: length 245.1 cm (8 feet half an inch) Weight: Estimated to be about 1473 kg (29 cwt)


Serial Number None visible


3.75 in _ (96 mm)

Inscriptions and Marks

None discernable


Places England


Inspected 25th February 2004. This gun sits on a reproduction wooden Sea Service carriage manufactured by English Heritage in 1986.