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Field Gun - Model 97, Quick-Firing Field Gun (French 75)

Field Gun - Model 97, Quick-Firing Field Gun (French 75)



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Purchased from Hughes Fabrications, Chichester, on 25th March 2014. Acquired by Hughes Fabrications from the Artillery Corps as part of their disposal of obsolete military stores. The British Government supplied some French 75's to the Irish Government as a stop-gap measure during the Second World War ('The Emergency' in Ireland).

Physical Description

The wooden wheels were missing so accurate new wheels, based on careful research into the original design, have been made and fitted, along with missing parts of the original breaking system. The service recuperator was not operational. Therefore, to enable blank firing to take place, it has been fitted with a 'recoil absorber' consiting of a simple spring mechanism, that can be removed. This is a reversible modification, intended to reduce shock on the mounting if fired when blank. The initials 'A. BS' on the barrel indicate the Arsenale de Bourges. The liner is marked for the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, USA.

Maximum effective range is 8,550 m (9,350 yd).
Crew of 6.
Rate of fire of about 20 rounds per minute.


ProjectileWeight7.24 kg
ProjectileWeight16 lb
Barrellength8.8 ft.
Barrellength2.69 m


Serial Number 18878


75 mm (2.95 in.)

Inscriptions and Marks

A. BS on the barrel. RECUPERATOR SERIAL = 1687


Places France