Object Title

Model Service Dress Cap

Model Service Dress Cap

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Purchased 20th September 2013. The seller purchased it from a crested china dealer in the 2000s.

Physical Description

Crested china model of a service cap with the Machine Gun Corps badge. Cream-coloured with gold rim. Orange-coloured strap painted round front brim with yellow badge in the centre. Ceramic, glaze and paint.


Dimensions: Length (height): 27 mm (1.06 in.), width: 67 mm (2.6 in.), depth (front to back): 70 mm (2.8 in.) Weight: 0.042 kg (0.09 lb.)

Inscriptions and Marks

MACHINE GUN CORPS with crest on top of the cap Underside, crest for A & S STOKE ON TRENT, with ARCADIAN CHINA written beneath.