Object Title

Right gauntlet

Right gauntlet



Object Number

II.94 G


Probably transferred from the Palace at Greenwich about 1649

Physical Description

Right gauntlet with a pointed cuff embossed with a bulge for the styloid process, five metacarpal lames, a knuckle [plate with a roped ridge, and inner finger plate shaped to the fingers, four modern leathers with 5 (1 missing), 7, 7 and 5 original finger scales, the fourth metacarpal lame extended and fitted with a thumb defence with 4 scales. Inside the wrist are two articulating plates, and a third one is missing. The main edges have roped inward turns bordered by double incised lines and mostly original lining rivets with brass heads, retaining the original leather lining band.


Dimensions: length 270 mm, width 140 mm


Bibliographic References

Claude Blair, European Armour, B.T. Batsford Ltd., London, 1958, p.216-17 lance-armour detail.