Object Title

Left pauldron and vambrace

Left pauldron and vambrace



Object Number

II.94 F


Probably transferred from the Palace at Greenwich about 1649

Physical Description

The pauldrons and vambraces are a pair, and belong to the cuirass. The pauldrons is formed with a main plate with three lames above and below, articulated on modern leathers at the centre and front, and sliding rivets at the rear, on the upper lames, and on three leathers on the lower. The lowest lame is riveted to the upper cannon of the vambraces, which has a turned above and a cut-out with an articulating lame inside the elbow joint. It is joined to the couter by an articulating lame above and below. The couter is of bracelet form, the wing made separately but permanently riveted. The lower cannon is hinged at the front, fastened by a pierced stud and swivel hook at the rear, and has two articulating lames at the inside of the elbow and one at the wrist. The main edges have plain inward turns with recessed borders and double incised lines, the subsidiary edges with double incised lines.


Dimensions: Left length 642 mm, width 222530 mm, depth 290 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Painted B A 7 4 inside.


Bibliographic References

Claude Blair, European Armour, B.T. Batsford Ltd., London, 1958, p.216-17 lance-armour detail.