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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1927. From Rhodes, acquired by Sir J Lefroy 1867.

Physical Description

From a backplate of three-piece construction, and for foot service. The neck opening is flat, shallow and wide, with an angular, outward turn swollen at centre. The arm edges are straight, and the side edges curve inward to the narrow central section of the waist edge. The arm and waist edges are narrow and pierced with a rivet hole; a plain trapezoidal iron buckle survives at the left. The side edges are pierced with rivet holes at either end for the attachment of the side elements.


Dimensions: height 320 mm, width 288 mm Weight: 565 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the left shoulder with the Rotunda number MA 2311.


Bibliographic References

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Backplates of the same type from Rhodes include iii.1097; SJGM number 2631; Metropolitan Museum of Art, no. 29.150.76; and another shown in photos of Bachereau's rooms, loaned to the St. John's Gate Museum in October 1928 (RA neg no. A3/1990-3). Compare also the backplates B7, B19 and B20 in the Sanctuary, the first however with hinged sides (Boccia 1982: figs 496-7); another with hollow-flanged edges on an early sixteenth century cuirass from Bernau, later in the Berlin Zeughaus (Closs 1926: 100); a composite armour ex collections Dean and Mackay, in the Higgins Armory Museum (Grancsay 1961: 35); and that on the composite armour also ex-Dean, once in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.