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With the sword is a set of mounts on a tsunagi.The scabbard, which appears to be black lacquer is covered with a leather cover and has a leather sling to enable it to be carried in the war. The mounts are of shakudo inlaid with other metals and depict villas in a landscape.


Places Japan


Accompanying the blade and mount are two origami issued by the NTHK. That for the blade is numbered 351495 and dated Heisei 10th year (1998), 10th month, 5th day. The blade is described as mumei Wakizashi attributed to the Fujishima group. That for the mounts is numbered 437296 issued heisei 11th year 4th month (1999) and describes the koshirae as having mounts by Miyami Ryoko Nagayoshi and kao. Blade cleaned and oiled March 2006. Suffixed on 27/02/2013 for display and location purposes.