Object Title

Left pauldron and vambrace

Left pauldron and vambrace



Object Number

III.755 A


Old Tower collection.

Physical Description

A left spaudler and vambrace, B left reinforcing couter, C right spaudler and vambrace, D right reinforcing couter. Fluted in the Maximilian style. The point of each elbow decorated with an embossed and hatched cinquefoil. The wings of the couters detachable. Identified with a trace of concentric corrosion, January 2005 on the left spaudler.

Inscriptions and Marks


Bibliographic References

P Connor (ed) All the Queen's horses, Lexington, Kentucky Horse Park, 2003:


Mounted on armour II.14, 29 December 1947, so possibly transferred to that.According to IBE the arms of II.14 are those described in III.755. An almost identical pair of vambraces are mounted on a composite armour at Warwick Castle.