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Presented by Mr F H Cripps-Day, 1942. From Rhodes, probably ex-Bachereau

Physical Description

Comprising a main plate and one articulating lame. The main plate has a pronounced medial ridge, and narrows at either side from medial cusps at top and bottom. On the outside is a large, heart-shaped wing with a broad, shallow medial pucker. Above and below the pucker, the wing is embossed with three, shallow radial flutes. At the centre of the pucker is a single incised line, continued as a transverse ridge across the knee. On the outside, at the centre, is a rivet for the attachment of a buckle; on the inside is a rivet for the strap which engaged the buckle. At either side, above and below, are flush rivets by which the main plate was attached to articulating lames; the edges are not cusped. There are traces of etched decoration in the flutes.

One articulating lame survives, overlapped by the main plate. It is narrow, with a continuation of the medial ridge, and has cusps at centre and the articulation points on either side.

The main plate and articulating lame are repaired with several internal riveted plates, all modern. Comprising amain plate and one articulating lame.


Dimensions: height 164 mm, width 210 mm, depth 95 mm Weight: 325 g

Inscriptions and Marks

There is an illegible Cripps-Day number painted inside the wing.


Bibliographic References

W J Karcheski Jr and T Richardson, The medieval armour from Rhodes, Leeds, Royal Armouries 2000: no. 10.10


Comparable poleyns include Higgins no.928.19 (from Rhodes, ex-Bachereau, ex-Dean, Armouries neg no. A3/1993, bottom row, fourth from right); Museum of the Order of St John no. 2617 (from Rhodes, for a boy's armour).