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pauldron (left)

pauldron (left)



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Purchased at auction from Bonham's, London, on 18th April 2012 (with III.4804).Auction 19793, Antique Arms and Armour, lot 121. From the Robin Wigington collection, Stratford upon Avon. Fomerly part of a composite armour, mostly composed of 19th century fake elements. The main edges of the pauldrons were file-roped to match the fake elements, and this file roping was removed by Chris Dobson, 2010.

Physical Description

Bright and slightly assymetrical, each composed of six gutter-shaped plates, the central four each with low medial ridge, the top and bottom plates each with angular outward turn on the principal edge, each main plate extended to cover the scapula, drawn to a central point on the upper and lower edge, and embossed at the rear with four curved 'bat-wing' flutes, the two upper plates overlapping upwards, the three lower ones overlapping downwards, and all with central point, retaining their rosette-shaped octofoil besagews (slight damage) pounced with floral and stylised designs between dots, the mian plates each struck at the rear with the armourer's mark, two split crosses above the intials 'FC', surmounted by a single ducal coronet in front of a pair of crossed arrows (in expertly restored condition throughout with replaced leathers, buckles, brass washers, and brass-capped rivets, the rear edge of the main plate slightly reduced in the 19th century).


Dimensions: height 115mm


Places Italy, Milan