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Sword blade

Sword blade

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Physical Description

The blade is shinogi zukuri with tori zori, a slightly high shinogi, medium kissaki and iorimune. The hada is mainly masame / mokume. The hamon is notare with much sunagashi and ji nie. The boshi is difficult to see but appears to be yakizume, that is it has no turn back. There are two holes in the rather stubby tang yet it does not seem to have been shortened. The tip is kuriji and the file marks are sojikai yasuri mei. It is signed on the omote with the two characters: Sadamune. The blade is cut with grooves from the habaki to just below the half way point where there are much polished bonji. Above the bonji on the omote side there are two narrow grooves, on the ura the wide groove continues.

The blade is housed in an old shirasaya that has the remnants of paper labels glued around it. There is the number 59 written in ink at the top of one label, and some kanji below that, but they are now too illegible to read. The blade is fitted with a heavy copper habaki covered in silver foil, the lower part being chiseled with irregular cavities.


Dimensions: The nagasa is 506mm, the sori being 13mm, the length of the tang being 146mm, the width of the blade at the machi being 28mm, the width at the yokote being 21mm, the length of the kissaki being 38mm Weight: The weight of the blade is 0.515 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Signed Sadamune. Label numbered 59.


Places Japan


It is uncertain which Sadamune made this blade. It has some characteristics of a Shizu blade. The bonji are very badly worn and difficult to interpret. That on the omote may be Mato Kannon, the Horse-head Buddha, that on the ura has not been identified. Blade was cleaned and oiled in March 2006. Suffixed for display purposes on 4th December 2012.