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Sword blade

Sword blade

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Physical Description


The blade is shinogi zukuri with only a very slight sori and iorimune. It is o-suriage with just part of a kiku remaining from the original inscription. The hada is itame, becoming ko-mokume in places, with abundant ji nie. The hamon is a medium suguba with midare and small choji / gonome with some sudareba towards the monouchi. The boshi is classic mMishna with a slight convexity leading up to a rather pointed turn. This blade has only a slight kaeri. The tang has two holes and is finished with a kiri tip. The blade is in a new shira saya with a new ni ju habaki.


Dimensions: The nagasa is 630 mm, the sori is 3 mm, the length of tang is 162 mm, the width at the machi is 29 mm, the width at the yokote is 20 mm, the length of the kissaki is 30 mm Weight: blade 0.615 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Engraved with kiku.


Places Japan


This blade is accompanied by a Hozon Token Kanteisho paper No. 307997 issued by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai to Deryk Ingham on 24th day of the 4th month of 1987. The blade is attributed to a later generation Tamba no kami Yoshimichi. Deryk Ingham states that the kiku most closely ressembles that of the 4th generation. See Nihon To Koza Vol IV, Shinto, translated by Afu Watson, p. 127 et seq. There is a note by Deryk Ingham that the blade was originally in a military mount with a split scabbard and damaged leather cover. This mount no longer survives and was probably disposed of before the transfer of the collection to the Royal armouries. Cleaned and oiled March 2006. Suffixed for display purposes on 4th December 2012.