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Sword blade

Sword blade

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The blade is a cut down nagamaki (nagamaki naoshi) and retains the elongated kissaki and the remains of a groove near the habaki. It is of shallow torii-zori (1.7 cm.), high shinogi-zukuri with o-gissaki and ihori-mune, short soe-hi either side and with koshi-bo-hi to either side of the nakago only, ko-itame chirimen hada covered in fine ji-nie and showing midare utsuri, bright slightly undulating chu-suguha of ko-nie and narrow nioiguchi, embellished with sunagashi, kinsuji and ko-ashi, sugu-boshi with ni-juba and yakizumi, kiri-jiri o-suriage-nakago with two mekugi-ana, mumei, double habaki covered in gold foil; in shirasaya with fabric bag.


Dimensions: length 699 mm (27.5 in) Nagasa (blade length): 701mm, Sori (curvature of blade): 17mm, Length of tang: 29mm, Width at yokote: 24mm, Length of kissaki: 104mm


Places Japan


(1 and 2 certificates) Sayagaki: Ishigiri tachi by Haroshi Homada NBTHK juyo token paper (1983) and NTHK kanteisho paper with attribution to Den Chikakage (1979). Note these certificates are all among the Ingham papers in the Library store. Prof. Freeman named the blade Ishigiri [stone-cutting] tachi after it fell edge first onto a block of petrified wood: 'at first sight it appeared that two inches of the ha chipped out, but on closer inspection I saw that the chip was in fact from the stone, the blade was totally undamaged'. This note and the description taken from the Sotheby's catalogue. Suffixed for display purposes on 4th December 2012.