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Sword blade

Sword blade

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Physical Description

The shinogi zukuri blade is of torii zori and has considerable fumbari. The hada is a rich itame whilst the hamon is a classic sudare ba. This has gone slightly wrong on the ura side near the habaki. The hamon show considerable activity including inazuma and chikei. The boshi is chu maru on one side but maore kaen on the other. The tang is long and tapering with two holes, one of which is plugged with pewter. The tip is iriyamagata and the file marks are giyaku sujikai. The blade is signed on the omote.


Dimensions: The nagasa is 454mm, the sori is 15mm, the length of tang being 125mm, the width at the machi being 29mm, that at the yokote being 18mm, the length of the kissaki being 32mm Weight: The weight of the blade is 0.368 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Signed Tamba no kami Yoshimichi.


Places Japan


The blade is accompanied by a Hozon ToKen Kanteisho paper numbered 323245 issued by the NBTHK in 1989, 12th month 6th day. This states that it is a wakizashi, is signed Tamba no kami Yoshimichi and is from the Osaka branch. There is also a receipt for the polishing done in September of that year by Kajihara. There is also various notes as to whether it is sho dai or nidai. Cleaned and oiled March 2006. Suffixed for display purposes on 4th December 2012.