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mitten gauntlet

mitten gauntlet


about 1500

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S.J. Whawell collection. Sold before 1920 to Sir Edward Barry. Sold Sotheby & Co., London, Important Early Armour formerly in the Collection of Sir Edward Barry, 5th July 1965. Bought by P.C.L. German. Sold to Peter Dale. Purchased by Peter Parsons in 1986. Purchased at auction from Bonhams, London, on 20th July. Sale no.18894 (Antique Arms and Armour from the Peter Parsons Collection), lot 146.

Physical Description

Right gauntlet, made up of five convex plates comprising a waisted cuff bordered by a line of dome-headed iron lining rivets, extending over the metacarpals, and shaped to the base of the thumb (thumb-plates missing), and four articulated plates covering the fingers (surface pitted). Fragments of the leather lining band remain inside. At either side of the wrist is a rivet hole for a lost strap. The upper side is embossed for the thumb, and has two flush rivets for the original leather. The lowest plate is also bordered by a series of flush rivets for the lining band. All the edges are plain. The rivet hole at the top has broken out. The exterior is polished bright, patinated, with some lamination on the knuckle plate.


Dimensions: length: 278mm; width: 132mm


Places Italy