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Gauntlet cuff

Gauntlet cuff



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Purchased from dealer on 1st March 2011. Probably found by, otherwise purchased by, an English private collector, whose collection was formed in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly in the UK, and substantially from the River Thames. Exact find site unknown. This piece is unrecorded in the literature of early medieval armour, either in scholarly collections or sale catalogues. The original finder is dead.

Physical Description

Of iron, hour-glass shape, extending part way round the inside of the wrist, and most of the way to the knuckles. Round the cuff are three rows of close set rivets with round heads on the outside, and across the metacarpal section two more rows. The main edge is quite solid with one major loss, the side and knuckle edges very corroded and ragged. Magnet shows plenty of iron remains. Whole piece in excavated condition and very corroded.



Dimensions: Width 100 mm, length 96 mm Weight: 84 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks



Of this early type of gauntlet, originally fabric covered, only the Kugelsburg plate in the British Museum, no. 1896.0617.1, and the Boringholm Castle fragments in Copenhagen, are known.