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Right gauntlet

Right gauntlet



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Re-accessioned from Middle Flint Tower, 1987. Probably from one of the armours formerly on loan 7 to Dover Castle (II.53-62) from Malta, 1826.

Physical Description

Formed of a cuff, linked by four metacarpal plates to knuckle-plate of two plates. The cuff has a roped turn as has each of the knuckles. Decorated with three bands of classical ornament, and a band of foliate scrolled etching at the cuff.


Dimensions: height 190 mm, width 150 mm, depth 210 mm Weight: 0.35kg

Inscriptions and Marks

The insides of the first, second and third metacarpal plates are marked, successively, with five, four and three V-shaped notches. The inside of the gauntlet is painted, in white, with a number that is now illegible.

Bibliographic References

Watts,K 1998 The armour of the Knights of St John, Malta. Royal Armouries Yearbook 3


A piece of wire, probably for attaching an inventory disc is attached , suggesting that it had formerly been assigned another number which is not now identifiable. belonging to an armour known as the Clasped Hands Armour. Other parts are: breastplate (Malta 1522), backplate (Malta 1523), left pauldron (Malta PA174), pair of tassets (II.47), left lower cannon (III.3645)