Object Title

Gorget - From Henry VIII's Foot Combat Armour

Gorget - From Henry VIII's Foot Combat Armour



Object Number

II.6 B


Transferred from Greenwich in 1649.

Physical Description

Gorget of a single plate front and back, the lower edges recessed to bing the gorget flush with the upper edge of the breast and back-plates to which it is secured by bolts. There are pins on either side for attaching the pauldrons, these being full and of equal size the left having an upright shoulder guard; a similar guard was fitted on the right but is now missing. marks are however still visible especially on the cuirass, gorget and tassets.


Dimensions: Height as mounted: 1875 mm; waist 960 mm; chest 1130 mm; shoulder 680 mm; neck 520 mm; wrist 250 mm; inside leg (to ground) 870 mm; calf 460 mm; ankle 265 mm; foot length: 290 mm. Weight: 42.68 kg (94 lb)

Inscriptions and Marks

none visible

Bibliographic References

G Rimer, T Richardson and J P D Cooper, Henry VIII: Arms and the Man, Leeds, 2009,p.114-118


One of the earliest surviving products of the Royal Workshops at Greenwich. III.832 plates of cod piece reunited with armour June 1955. RC2: Permission to lend required from the sovereign.