Object Title

Left greave and sabaton

Left greave and sabaton



Object Number

II.77 H


Probably transferred from the Palace at Greenwich about 1649


Dimensions: left greave only: height: 510mm: width: 110mm; depth 305mm;



The armet appears together with the breastplate of the Smythe armour (II.84) in the portrait of Field Marshall George Wade (1673-1748) by Johann Van Dienst (1695-1757) sold Sotheby's, 9 April 2001 lot 1 (see also J G Mann, Sir John Smythe's armour in portraiture, Connoisseur xc, 1932: 88). The armour from which these pieces came was a field armour, most probably part of a small field garniture fitted with extra pieces for lighter field use, typically a burgonet and buffe, reinforcing breastplate, and sometimes long elbow gauntlets, alternative pauldrons and saddle steels. The Jacob Album (Victoria and Albert Museum no. D.585-607.94) includes three almost identical field armours with extra pieces: no. 22, the third armour of Sir Christopher Hatton, no. 23 for Henry Macwilliams (died 1586; parts of his armour were in 'Mr Pickering's Workhouse' at Greenwich in 1611), and no. 24 for 'My Ld Chancelor', either Sir Thomas Bromley (died 1587) or a fourth Hatton armour thought to have been presented to the Earl of Leicester.