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Long elbow gauntlet

Long elbow gauntlet



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Sold at the H.P. Shawe sale at Sotheby's, 28 November 1950, lot 27. From the collection of Dr. Richard Williams, 1974

Physical Description

Comprising a long cuff made in two pieces closed at the inner and outer sides by inward overlapping joints, the internal edges all cusped. The outside joint is secured by 5 domed rivets, all brass except for the upper two. The uppermost also forms a lining rivet for the arm-opening and is fitted with an internal square washer. The inner joint is secured by 4 domed brass rivets, the uppermost similarly forming a lining rivet with washer. The upper rear edge curves up to the point of the elbow; the upper front edge is slightly flanged. The upper edge has a plain inward turn bordered by double incised line decoration within which are 14 domed lining rivets (including the two that secure the joints) with internal rectangular washers. All the rivets are of brass except for the iron rivet used to secure the joint. A hole at the point of the elbow is almost certainly for a missing 15th rivet.
The lower edge of the rear plate is bordered by double incised line decoration. It is articulated each side to an additional plate by a domed iron rivet, with internal square washer. This plate, cutout for the passage of the hand, has a slightly flanged lower edge with a plain outward turn accompanied by double incised line decoration, within which are 4 domed brass lining rivets with internal rectangular washers retaining a leather lining band between, at each end, an internal rivet, externally flush, also securing the band. The inner side is slightly shaped for the base of the thumb.
The upper plate of the cuff has a medial ridge that continues on a wrist plate articulated at each side of the lower front edge of the cuff by a domed iron rivet with internal square washer. Attached at each side of the lower front edge of the wrist plate is the first of 4 metacarpel lames, the fourth terminating in the first of two knuckle plates, each of which is cusped at either side to accomodate a domed iron rivet, with internal square washer. The first rivet on the outer side retains a fragment of leather lining strap. Each plate overlaps outwards from the first knuckle plate and the wrist plate is also overlapped by the front plate of the cuff. The centre of the lower edge of the front plate and main edges of the metacarpel and knuckle plates are bordered by double incised line decoration. With the exception of the second knuckle plate, the centre of each edge is cut into a double cusp design flanked by a 'V' notch each side. The wrist plate has a transverse medial incised line that runs up to a lozenge design of double incised lines in the centre of the plate. Both knuckle plates are embossed for the base of the fingers, each on the second plate with an iron flush rivet fitted with an internal circular washer for the attachment of the leathers of the finger scales. The inner side of the first knuckle plate is extended for the thumb and has two domed rivets with internal square washers, for the attachment of the leather of the thumb scales.
It is bright externally and internally is rough from the hammer. The outside end of the first knuckle plate appears slightly distorted and seems to have been re-riveted; the original hole has almost broken out. The upper flange of the rear plate is slightly damaged and has broken out.


Dimensions: Max. diameter of arm-opening: 25.2 cm (9.9 in), Max. length: 50.9 cm (20.1 in) Weight: 1.1 kg (2 6 3/4 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Painted in cream paint internally around the upper front edge: EDEN HALL CUMBERLAND