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Left gauntlet

Left gauntlet



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Presented by Mr F H Cripps-Day, 1942. From the Pembroke armoury at Wilton House.

Physical Description

The gauntlet is large and clumsy. Its cuff flares to a point, and it has a single extra plate inside the wrist shaped to cover the base of the thumb. There are five metacarpal lames, articulated by rivets in lobes at either side. The first four extend over the thumb, and the lowest of these has a thumb extension to which the thumb defence, formed of four scales overlapping upwards on a modern leather, is riveted. A knuckle plate, coarsely shaped to the knuckles, is riveted to the lowest metacarpal lame, and to this the finger scales, comprising 6, 7, 6 and 4 scales respectively, all overlapping upwards and riveted to modern laethes, are attached. The main edges have plain inward turns bordered by double incised lines and lining rivets. Around the cuff is a row of modern round headed rivets retaining a leather band, while on the wrist plate are the original flush rivets retaining fragments fo the original leather lining band. The wrist plate is cracked around the thumb extension. The surface is bright but patinated.


Dimensions: length 385 mm over fingers Weight: 750 g (1 lb 12 oz)

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